5 specialties for making gifts in Hoi An


1. Souvenir

Arriving in Hoi An, the original attraction did not stop at architecture but also souvenirs right by the road. There are many types of beads, bags, small items, etc. available at cheap prices. If you want to buy lots of gifts but are afraid to bring bulky things, souvenirs are something you should buy.

Đặc sản làm quà ở Hội An

Specialties for making gifts in Hoi An with lots of beautiful souvenirs

2. Silk

Referring to Hoi An is to mention handicraft villages with a long tradition of silk. Silk is soft and airy. The artisans here have changed the silk to produce many unique products such as clothes, bags, scarves, … with strange patterns. A valuable gift that you should buy for someone you love.

Đặc sản làm quà ở Hội An

Silk is a famous gift in Hoi An

3. Lanterns

Ancient streets, old-fashioned roof tiles cannot be without lanterns. You can see the appearance of lanterns everywhere in Hoi An. With enough shapes, colors and convenience, this is definitely an indispensable gift for you to buy.

Đặc sản làm quà ở Hội An

Lanterns are specialties you buy as gifts for friends and relatives

4. Thanh Ha Pottery

Visit Hoi An, do not ignore the location of Thanh Ha pottery village. It is located 2km west of the old town. Not only visiting ceramic products, you can personally experience this work with the people. It’s great when you make that product yourself and give it to your loved ones.

Đặc sản làm quà ở Hội An

Join making pottery with artisans

5. Art picture

Along the road, you will encounter art galleries. All paintings are painted wonders and very colorful. Each piece has different shades and stories. If you want to have a unique work for your friends that you don’t want to be involved with, then this is what you’re looking for.

Đặc sản làm quà ở Hội An

The art paintings in Hoi An are beautifully displayed

Each region has different types of specialties. Visiting in Hoi An you will be immersed in the beautiful scenery. You will also experience many interesting things here. So why hesitate any longer but do not choose Hoi An as a tourist destination. Come and feel the special things that made an ancient Hoi An.